Friendly Green City

Last week I visited Geneva and I wasn't sure what to expect at first, having booked a college trip for my students almost exclusively to visit CERN (although there's plenty to see and do). It is a truly multicultural and cosmopolitan place, with four official languages and the home of some of the world's biggest … Continue reading Friendly Green City

Happy World Environment Day!

Morning all! Today is World Environment Day, for those of you that don't know WED has been run by the United Nations Environment Programme since 1974 in order to raise awareness of, and to encourage action on, global environmental issues. Every year the day has a theme and a host nation - this year the … Continue reading Happy World Environment Day!

Trying reusable coffee pods: yay or nay?

So after my post about coffee pods a few weeks ago my husband got some reusable coffee pods to try for my Dolce Gusto machine. They are available on eBay and Amazon for only a few pounds and there are various different options available compatible with a range of brands. They are very much like … Continue reading Trying reusable coffee pods: yay or nay?

Getting the hubby to eat veggie (for part of the week at least)

I'd been nagging my husband to eat less meat for years and I completely understand his resistance, I like meat too and do still eat it every now and again, but he's grown up on pasties and is used to having meat at every meal and it has proved to be a pretty difficult habit … Continue reading Getting the hubby to eat veggie (for part of the week at least)