A Bit Of Scotland’s Wild Places On John Muir Day

About John Muir Everything I've written lately seems very serious, so I wanted to take a step back and write something a little more fun. As it's John Muir Day today (and the conservationist's 180th birthday) I thought I'd do a little post about his home nation of Scotland and our recent visit there. John … Continue reading A Bit Of Scotland’s Wild Places On John Muir Day

The “Wild” Places of the British Isles

There is barely a scrap of dirt on our little rock untouched by the hand of man, centuries of farming, hunting and deforestation have left our environment battered and scarred. Beautiful scars yes, but not natural places.

Eco-Tourism: British Columbia Style

The Canadian province's tag line is "Beautiful British Columbia" (it's even on their number plates!) and it's not very hard to see why... A bit late with this one - but I only just started this blog and I really wanted to write about our experience. Our first (and only... so far!) visit to BC … Continue reading Eco-Tourism: British Columbia Style