Resolutely no resolutions

I really dislike New Years Resolutions. All that “new year new me” rubbish. We are all human, we will all have the same struggles on the 1st of January as we did the 31st of December.

Myself, well, I’ve had a rollercoaster year, which has seen some massive highs professionally… and some super low-lows personally.

Going forward I aim to be happy, live in the moment and continue to strive to be the best that I can, but no promises… only human and all that jazz!

One thing I will do though is aim to bring you one post a month at least. I’ve been a little lax recently due to being super busy and those personal things. But I adore this blog and it’s become a massive part of me. Thanks to eveyone that reads and comments, especially to those who’ve noticed I’ve been quiet – it means a lot!

Happy new year all!

One thought on “Resolutely no resolutions

  1. And this is my vote: “yes, do.”
    I’m delighted to receive notice of your non-resolution resolution post, for I’ve owed you a visit.
    You’ve written about at least some of the positive professional news, which sounds like great stuff for 2019.
    Here in the states, a titanic struggle for the sheer existence of anything resembling “environmentalism” is under way.
    For you, does Brexit/No-Brexit pose risks/threats? What does it do to your academic/research milieu, the free exchange of information and ability to move people, resources and information across borders? I’m certain it’s at the bottom of the priorities as the agon continues on the banks of the Thames, but there’s certain to be fallout.
    I wish you a prosperous and stimulating new year.


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