Back to School

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Those of you that know me personally know I joke about getting the “full set” of degrees, well… almost there! I’ve been toying with this for a while now, and I’ve finally gone and taken the plunge, all being well, in 3 years time I’ll be Dr Christine…

In all seriousness, getting a doctorate is something I’ve always wanted to do, I flirted with the idea immediately after doing my masters but the lure of a pay check and a taste of “real life” was too great. Since then I never really got around to it, partly on financial grounds (once you’ve committed to mortgage life there’s no real going back) and partly that I didn’t know what I wanted to do, or indeed what I cared about enough to research for 3+ years.

Writing this blog and getting the feedback here has been so helpful in making this decision (and my topic is super-duper relevant). I have a real passion for the environment and telling people about it in a hopefully informative and inclusive way. I really hope this comes across, and I’m extremely grateful for everyone’s input here, and of course to the people who have supported me in “real life”.

So why a PhD…? Ultimately, I had what I think is a pretty good idea (thankfully some lovely folks at the Stockholm Environment Institute do too!). But also, working in a FE college has taught me that I have the temperament for (and actually really enjoy) teaching, reinforcing that a career in academia is something I’d like to pursue.  I’ve also always been naturally academic, aside from a minor blip as a teenager (read: boys and beer). I like to know how things work, engage in debate and challenge ideas and biases.

Yes I may be a little older than the average post-grad, but I don’t think anyone is ever “too old” to learn and develop, or as cheesy as it may sound… chase a dream. And as my mum would say “you’re a long time working”. Life’s just too short to do something you don’t love.

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