Getting the hubby to eat veggie (for part of the week at least)

I'd been nagging my husband to eat less meat for years and I completely understand his resistance, I like meat too and do still eat it every now and again, but he's grown up on pasties and is used to having meat at every meal and it has proved to be a pretty difficult habit … Continue reading Getting the hubby to eat veggie (for part of the week at least)

Eco-Tourism: British Columbia Style

The Canadian province's tag line is "Beautiful British Columbia" (it's even on their number plates!) and it's not very hard to see why... A bit late with this one - but I only just started this blog and I really wanted to write about our experience. Our first (and only... so far!) visit to BC … Continue reading Eco-Tourism: British Columbia Style

The Etymology of Environmentalist

Environmentalist. en|vir¦on|men¦tal|ist [ɪnˌvʌɪrənˈmɛnt(ə)lɪst, ɛnˌvʌɪrənˈmɛnt(ə)lɪst] NOUN environmentalists (plural noun) a person who is concerned about protecting the environment. synonyms: conservationist · preservationist · ecologist · green · nature-lover · eco-activist · eco-nut · ecofreak · tree hugger Source: Oxford Dictionaries I wear my label like a badge of honour, yet despite this I struggle with the … Continue reading The Etymology of Environmentalist