Trying reusable coffee pods: yay or nay?

So after my post about coffee pods a few weeks ago my husband got some reusable coffee pods to try for my Dolce Gusto machine. They are available on eBay and Amazon for only a few pounds and there are various different options available compatible with a range of brands. They are very much like the little disposable pods but with a flip up lid and filter in the bottom.

Reusable pod and spoon

Apparently they can be used about 200 times (although they seem pretty sturdy so I don’t see why they wouldn’t last longer) and the pack we got contained 4 and a little measuring spoon.

But do they work? Are they any good? Are they too much faff?

Well, there are a few drawbacks…

  • They’re messy, but no messier than using a cafetiere or filter paper.
  • The machine splutters and spills a little if you fill the pod with too much of the grounds (took a bit of fiddling with to get this right and I have since seen there are lots of video instructions).
  • The coffee is a little on the weak side, especially if you don’t fill it enough (see problem above) I don’t actually mind this and it could probably be overcome by buying slightly stronger grounds or doing half a cup, rinse, refill and repeat.
  • If you like the fluffy-milky ones, these are not for you (although you could try adding powdered milk I guess…?).

I will however be continuing to use them, because:

Decent cuppa after 3 attempts!
  • They’re quick!
  • I don’t mind that they don’t make blow-your-socks-off coffee (and I’m not bothered about the fluffy-milky ones).
  • I can use my favourite (and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee).
  • They are super easy to empty and rinse.
  • I can compost the coffee grounds.
  • I don’t want to stop using my machine, it looks cool…. and it’s red!

So in short, from me it’s a resounding yay.

I can understand why these are not for everyone, but if you have a pod machine, want an easy cup of no-frills coffee without the staggering amount of waste, give them a go!

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